Master your mood, master your life

How we feel – our mood – is a very important part of conscious creatorhood. In fact, our mood is a precursor to what we’re attracting into our lives. But what if, despite all our attempts at positive thinking, it’s a lack of vitamins and nutrients that’s causing us to not feel good? That’s where Vitamin B12 Therapy may come in handy. 

What is vitamin B12 therapy?

Vitamin B12 therapy helps revitalize the body, refresh the mind and renew overall energy. B12 plays a key role in the normal functioning of the nervous system, the brain and in the formation of the building blocks of every cell in the body. There are many ways to gain B12; it is naturally found in fish, poultry, eggs, milk and other dairy products. However, Vitamin B12 is not always adequately absorbed by the body in the digestion process, thus creating a deficiency. This is why Vitamin B12 therapy can be so helpful: By getting an intramuscular injection of B12, you can bypass the GI tract and allow for up to 100% absorption into the body and straight into your cells.

What is vitamin B12 therapy?

Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient our body uses to keep our red blood cells healthy. Healthy red blood cells are important because they transport oxygen to our organs. This supplement intake will boost the production of these cells, which in turn will address a variety of concerns. B12 Injections can help improve memory, focus, energy, emotional stability, female fertility, low testosterone for men, digestive issues, hypothyroidism, red blood cell formation, metabolism, and it’s also helpful for nerve and brain regeneration. Recommended as a monthly injection, Vitamin B12 can also improve fatigue, boost the immune system, regulate sleeping patterns and circadian rhythm, and even help with weight loss.

What is it like getting B12 injections?

Administered by one of our qualified injectors, B12 vitamin is given intramuscular into either upper arm.

When can you expect results from B12 injections?

You will notice improvements within 2-3 days for specific concerns. For ideal results, we recommend one injection per month.

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