The health-boosting power of IV therapy … Delivering just the right amount of precisely what your body needs

Many powerful and potentially transformative services are available at the “home” of Alchemy Wellness Medspa in Central Austin, Texas. However, few of these services are as versatile as IV hydration and nutrition therapy. When prescribed and managed by an experienced and skilled clinician, Dr. Saima Jehangir, you can replenish your body’s stores of vital fluids and nutrients again! In doing so, you will feel and look better and truly “be” healthier. 

Depending on each individual’s respective needs and the one-of-a-kind combination and concentration of vital fluids and nutrients that are introduced, such intravenous hydration and supplementation may be appropriate for: 

  • Athletes
  • Other “active types”
  • Dehydration-prone individuals, those who don’t drink enough H20
  • Lackluster skin
  • Dry, brittle nails and hair 
  • Chronically tired individuals in search of a sustained energy boost
  • Lagging concentration, decline in cognitive function (“brain fog”)
  • Frequent colds and sicknesses the immune system needs a boost that works when the miracle products fail to live up to their promises!

The idea behind this customized cocktail or health-supporting ingredients is for Dr. Jehangir to perform a thorough assessment. From there, she can pinpoint your needs or shortfalls in certain nutrients. She may uncover nutritional deficiencies, which could account for the very concerns that may have brought you to our office in the first place. Then, the precise blend of essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and other fluids and nutrients is safely administered via a thin tube. 

As an intravenous therapy, this powerhouse blend is quickly introduced into your bloodstream. It bypasses the digestive system entirely, which provides many benefits; notably, higher concentrations of these essential substances are delivered to the cells. In turn, your body can absorb and get more of the nutrients it needs, which is accomplished quickly – in as little as 30 minutes. No pill or oral supplement taken by mouth can achieve this! Plus, many patients notice an immediate improvement in some of their symptoms, such as an energy or mood boost. They may feel better and “less sick” than they have in years. 

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There is no one quite like you. So, no two IV therapies are the same. Your body may crave B Vitamins, magnesium, glutathione, Vitamin C, calcium, or some super-blend of ingredients (like the “Myers Cocktail”). We won’t know for sure what precision blend is best for you until after conducting a thorough “work-up.” Trust the expertise of Dr. Jehangir and our team in Austin, TX. We welcome your questions. Call us at (512) 960-3622.