The cat’s out of the bag!
Secret™ RF microneedling, a revolutionary technique to renew your skin

It’s no secret that Dr. Saima Jehangir is a well-respected authority in promoting, restoring, and sustaining total health and wellness. Dr. Jehangir intimately understands the transformative effect that powerful skin-rejuvenating therapies can have on her patients’ sense of self and overall health and well-being. And the Secret™ RF microneedling system by Cutera® represents one of the most innovative therapies available to kickstart these transformations. It combines two powerhouses in the non-invasive aesthetics treatment world: radiofrequency energy (RF) and microneedling. 

Spilling the tea on the Secret™

This system is designed to remodel the skin from the inside out by combining two in-demand and highly effective cosmetic technologies. Dr. Jehangir herself gently, safely, and precisely applies a handheld device that is equipped with dozens of tiny “micro-needles.” These needles deliver fractional radiofrequency energy to layers of the skin. Owing to this unique design, the Secret™ system can safely reach the deeper layers of the skin. It does so in a way that produces minimal surface skin damage, making it an appropriate and low-risk treatment for many different types of changes. 

Damaged tissues may be regenerated and revitalized. In fact, this system triggers the process of collagen remodeling. As our bodies make less collagen naturally with age, the skin loses its firmness. Formerly smooth and tight skin makes way for lines, folds, sag, and other undeniable signs of aging.

Safety and comfort are also ensured because Dr. Jehangir can match the size of the applicator tips and other features to suit your specific needs. So, the Secret™ RF “twist” on microneedling may be perfectly customized to get the desired results in the safest and most efficient way possible. Other so-called “gentle” treatments have a drawback: they often require a series of treatment sessions to derive even minimal results. On the other end of the spectrum, those technologies that may deliver the most dramatic results often come with a price – the considerable demands on the body and your schedule for healing and associated downtime. The cat’s out of the bag, though, because Secret™ provides the best of both worlds: dramatic improvements in the texture, tone, smoothness, and overall skin quality without the risk, recovery, and downtime. 

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