Unleash high-drama lashes with our big, bold menu of eyelash services

You can say much about yourself without even speaking – just through your eyes! As a central feature of your face, they convey many expressions. When your eyes look tired or prematurely “aged,” they may not align with your energetic and vibrant personality or how you really feel. Likewise, maintaining their radiance and youthful beauty can amplify and reinforce your confidence, well-being, and natural vigor. 

At Alchemy Wellness, our skilled team in Central Austin, Texas, has transformed the appearance of this undeniable facial characteristic with an array of non-invasive professional eyelash services. Just as the hair on other parts of your body can thin over time, due partly to hormonal changes, the eyelashes (and brows) can become more sparse. Fortunately, we can boost their volume and definition with a full menu of specialized services. 

When you are short on time …

Get a big boost with Express Lashes! This service may be ideal for clients with upcoming weddings, reunions, or other special events. This option allows us to create a stunning lash line in half the time of “standard” or “full-set” lash appointments. This choice is also attractive to individuals looking for a more subtle appearance, as the volume enhancement is more modest, and these lashes also maintain a natural length.

When you crave that “non-mascara mascara” result …

Classic Lashes may be in your future! These ultralight and realistic-looking lashes are great for beginners and lash extension aficionados alike. This service provides a lengthening and curling effect by adding one artificial lash fiber to each natural eyelash. In turn, we create a chic, clean line that doesn’t scream, “I’m wearing lash extensions!”

When you desire a high-drama look …

There are several volumizing lash extensions to choose from, including TrueVolume. With this service, our talented technicians apply several super-fine extensions to each natural lash (this is what makes them different from the above classic alternative). This supports a “fan” effect, whereby the lashes look fuller and bolder while retaining a natural, soft appearance and feel. We can even customize this option to complement the shape of your eyes and your personal preferences. 

For an even more dramatic transformation, consider MegaVolume lashes. The idea is to create a similar fan effect, but we do so with double the number of lashes applied with TrueVolume extensions. MegaVolume is appropriate to achieve that triple-threat of coveted lash characteristics: 

  • Denser lashes
  • Longer lashes 
  • Curlier lashes

Unsure about diving into any of these services? We also offer Hybrid Lashes, which blend the classic and volume look and approach to get a more dramatic yet still “wearable” and lighter-weight result. For added definition, the Alchemy Wellness team may suggest lash lift and tint services to enhance your natural lashes – no extensions necessary! Call our office in Central Austin, TX, today at (512) 960-3622 to learn more about our many lash-boosting options and other services like sensitive skin-friendly brow waxing, reshaping, and filling treatments.