Restoring your healthy, youthful vitality and intimacy with the TempSure™ Vitalia system 

From our office in Central Austin, Alchemy Wellness Medspa provides nonsurgical skin tightening for the face and body to patients across Texas and beyond. Such laxity may be caused by age-related changes underneath the surface, such as the loss of the elastin proteins. Elastin helps your skin to bounce back to its original position following movement. 

A leader in women’s health and wellness, Dr. Saima Jehangir also appreciates that these and other changes with the passage of time and life events can affect intimate areas of the body. Fortunately, the TempSure™ Vitalia system for vaginal rejuvenation by aesthetics giant Cynosure® can turn back the hands of time. You can reclaim your sexual pleasure, healthy relationships, quality of life, and well-being!

“Treatable” challenges to your best health and self

In addition to the process mentioned above, formerly tight and supple muscles and tissues may become lax with the loss of muscle tone. Lagging levels of estrogen can also result in a thinning or atrophying of the lining of the vagina. Life events, such as childbirth, can play a role by stretching the vaginal area. This may be particularly pronounced among women who deliver large babies or who have a lengthy labor. These changes can contribute to loose musculature and tissue and ultimately affect the pleasure that you and your partner derive from sex and result in other disruptive problems, such as urinary incontinence. 

These concerns don’t have to overwhelm your relationship and day-to-day activities any longer. 

Treatment that harnesses the power of heat 

The TempSure™ Vitalia uses a special type of energy called “radiofrequency” or “RF.” This energy produces therapeutic heat. In a well-controlled setting powered by Dr. Jehangir, this heat does many wonderful things. It helps to tighten targeted areas of the vagina and labia by encouraging the development of fresh collagen and elastin fibers that run in shorter supply as we age. Treatment is also associated with heightened sensation by affecting the nerves in your “pleasure zone.” 

The treatment itself is straightforward. Simply relax as Dr. Jehangir applies a special, curved handpiece. The handpiece delivers RF energy and transfers heat in a gentle, safe, precise, and temperature-controlled manner. Most patients describe a fleeting sensation. But that’s it. The process is not painful. You won’t feel anything after treatment. You can also be on your way and continue the rest of your day without downtime. Patients love that they can get caught up on a few emails or just take a nap during treatment and that each session itself can be completed in 30 minutes. 

As with any “collagen-stimulating” device, improvements only get better over time. Although, you will notice some improvement right away. Dr. Jehangir may recommend a series of three-plus treatment sessions to reach your desired goals. 

Get back your vitality and zest for life via the TempSure™ Vitalia! To learn more, contact Alchemy Wellness Medspa of Austin, TX, today at (512) 960-3622.