Getting a little help in the bedroom with the “love drug”: Oxytocin therapy

There are certain hormones that you seemingly can’t get enough of, and these feel-good hormones include dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. Of course, there can be too much of a good thing. But you should also add “oxytocin” to that list of “most welcome” natural chemicals. Like other hormones, oxytocin is “tasked” with specific bodily functions. Due to its status as “the hug drug” or “cuddle chemical,” oxytocin therapy can be beneficial to support the sexual health and intimacy that is so integral to our overall health and wellness. 

Alchemy Wellness Medspa of Austin, Texas, is led by Dr. Saima Jehangir. Dr. Jehangir has made it her mission to promote and support the many moving parts that contribute to health and wellness and that address and nurture patients’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The intersection of oxytocin and intimacy

Oxytocin is associated with many of the most joyous and pleasurable aspects of the human experience. It plays a vital role in the following important attributions and functions: 

  • Arousal and libido
  • Trust 
  • Romantic attachments
  • Bonding between parent and child 
  • Attraction
  • Desire
  • Soothing, stress-busting
  • Mood-boosting
  • Social health and connections

Oxytocin is also distinctive because it is one of the few hormones associated with positive feedback loops. By that, we are referring to those select, self-stimulating hormones; the release of oxytocin supports actions and behaviors that trigger the pituitary gland to deploy more of it. Other chemicals are not like this because their supply is depleted after the effects of these hormones have worn off. 

Bolster your bliss

As a therapy, oxytocin is available in synthetic form. Dr. Jehangir may prescribe the manufactured and compounded form of oxytocin, which is simply taken sublingually or under the tongue. In addition to living up to its name and with the sexual and intimacy-related functions mentioned above, oxytocin therapy may also be prescribed to mothers-to-be. It can aid in both initiating labor and making for an easier delivery, as well as strengthening contractions and minimizing the loss of blood afterward. 

We are confident you are intrigued about benefiting from oxytocin’s mood-lifting and life-affirming properties. We’re equally confident that you probably have a lot more questions about this exciting therapy. Give the Alchemy Wellness Medspa team a call today at (512) 960-3622. Our office in Central Austin, TX, looks forward to connecting with you!