Experience the freedom of being hair-free! 

Precision, high-volume, lasting laser treatment for unwanted hair

At Alchemy Wellness, Dr. Saima Jehangir understands, empathizes with, and accounts for the many parts of you that contribute to your systemic health and overall well-being. Dr. Jehangir leads a team in Austin, Texas, that appreciates the toll excess hair can take on your life. We know unwanted hair can be a source of embarrassment. It can make you feel less than your best, and you deserve to lead your fullest, richest life! Furthermore, we appreciate conventional hair removal is plagued by pitfalls not limited to the following:

  • Temporary, unfavorable results
  • Costly supplies
  • Too much time in the bathroom tweezing and shaving

Laser-assisted treatment by our professionals is the answer to these conventional methods of temporarily addressing unwanted hair. Our use of the Cynosure Vectus® Laser system also presents a well-tolerated and efficient alternative to other forms of earlier-generation “permanent” hair reduction. These methods have included electrolysis, which can be painful and requires treating each follicle one at a time. So, it can also be a painstaking process! 

Due to the design of this laser device, the Vectus® is considered to be your answer for “high-volume hair removal.” When directed toward the area(s) of unwanted hair, the laser precisely targets the follicles within these zones. This allows Dr. Jehangir to treat more hair faster during each treatment session. So, you spend less time “chairside” at our office and more time enjoying your increasingly smooth, hair-free skin and appearance. 

The laser generates controlled heat to damage the follicles through which the hair grows. Additionally, many built-in features and safeguards promote the most comfortable treatment experience and optimal and customized results. This includes Advanced Contact Cooling™ to prevent damage caused by the application of excessive heat to the skin/treatment zone.

More on what to expect

Permanent professional laser hair removal can treat almost any part of the body and some portions of the face. These areas include the chest, back, legs, underarms, and bikini line. Following a consultation, we may recommend treatment with the Vectus®. We will go through everything to expect before, during, and after treatment, including any preparation and post-treatment care. 

Each treatment session also involves wearing protective eyewear. We ensure your safety from potential damage caused by this powerful laser technology. Unlike other devices and approaches, our laser uniformly treats the follicles. So we don’t have to keep passing the laser over the same areas repeatedly. In fact, we can treat even big areas (like the back or chest) in around five minutes. With earlier-generation lasers and treatments, treating such spots may have required an hour or longer. 

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Due to the cyclical nature of hair growth, more than one treatment session is required to get results. The total number of treatments depends on factors such as the area to be treated, its size, and the number of spots requiring treatment on the face or body. 

Dr. Jehangir looks forward to evaluating your skin and discussing more about this lasting, gentle, precise, and fast solution for hair removal with you. Call our office in Central Austin, TX, at (512) 960-3622.