Restoring comfort, confidence, sexual pleasure, and intimacy with the revolutionary, non-surgical diVa® laser

Kegel exercises and other physical therapies to strengthen the pelvic floor or muscles that make up the lower pelvis do not always achieve the desired level of improvement. Women may still experience distressing, debilitating, and disruptive symptoms – from pain during sex to dryness and inflammation. For these and other patients of Alchemy Wellness Medspa, there is an effective, non-surgical, and drug-free treatment to restore vaginal elasticity and suppleness. Symptoms are relieved, and women’s quality of life is also restored. 

Get to know diVa®

The diVa® laser system may be your answer to vaginal rejuvenation in Austin, Texas. Plus, when in the hands of our talented and trusted Dr. Saima Jehangir, you have peace of mind that your procedure will be handled competently and safely. Today’s professionals like Dr. Jehangir have more options to promote youthful and healthy firmness, flexibility, aesthetics, and feel. These systems and options use a variety of different types of energy to alter the affected tissues and to encourage therapeutic healing and changes. 

Options like the laser/light-energy-assisted diVa® also present a proven alternative to the use of the scalpel and cutting techniques for vaginal rejuvenation. As a surgery-free alternative, diVa® is associated with little to no discomfort and downtime.

diVa® is used to treat the symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy or genitourinary syndrome associated with menopause. These conditions/processes degrade the strength, elasticity, and lubrication of the tissue fibers. This process can result in the symptoms mentioned above and an itchy, burning sensation and bladder leakage. 

Treatment can be completed in just minutes. Dr. Jehangir gently inserts a special device that powers the diVa’s unique and proprietary hybrid fractional laser technology. No sedation is necessary. Varied wavelengths are delivered to the targeted treatment zone, allowing deep penetration of the energy responsible for tissue resurfacing and remodeling. Due to the precise, highly customizable, and automated nature of this revolutionary treatment (which eliminates human errors), treatment is not associated with undesirable complications or risks. The surrounding tissue outside of the treatment zone is not touched. 

Like other energy-based devices, the diVa® encourages healing and the production of fresh, firming collagen and tissue. Since healing is a process, improvements get better with time. Optimal results are typically experienced after three monthly treatments. We will also discuss ways to sustain those results with annual maintenance sessions. 

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