Dramatically improved skin in less than half the time with SCITON® ProFractional™ resurfacing treatment

Dr. Saima Jehangir takes great pride in renewing her valued patients’ self-confidence by renewing their skin. She can reset the clock on aging and reverse the effects of “father time” as well as environmental damage with an array of non-invasive yet powerful therapies. There are many ways to bring fresh, healthy skin to the surface with resurfacing methods; notably, SCITON® ProFractional™ resurfacing may be just what Dr. Jehangir orders from the Alchemy Wellness office in Central Austin, Texas.

“Basics” about not-so-basic technology

Developed by a leader in aesthetic laser technologies, SCITON®, the ProFractional(RM) system presents a particularly customizable alternative to “earlier-generation” erbium lasers. Older laser systems of this kind have been considered to be a superficial alternative to CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers. For this reason, erbium laser-assisted therapies have been associated with less downtime and faster healing. 

SCITON® itself has dubbed the ProFractional system a “premium” erbium laser. It was made to deliver “fractionated” resurfacing of the skin. Alternative techniques are classified as “full-field,” meaning they target and remove the entire surface area in a treatment site. 

Fractionated/fractional lasers are different; they trigger a process whereby small and narrow channels are made in the skin. The laser’s energy generated and applied to the treatment site is very focused and precise. This unique design supports the most effective treatment and triggers a positive healing response. Furthermore, the risks and undesirable complications associated with other systems are avoided. This system is so targeted and precise that the surrounding and otherwise healthy tissue remains untouched. 

Is ProFractional™ right for you?

The ProFractional™ laser is frequently used to treat many common signs of aging and to improve the appearance of signs of UV or sun damage. These “treatable” concerns include: 

  • Dark spots or pigmentation
  • Pre-cancers (AKs or “Actinic Keratoses”)
  • Melasma or darkened patches 
  • Acne scarring 
  • Fine lines 
  • Deeper folds or wrinkles

In addition, it may be appropriate to maintain your skin’s overall quality and tone. So, annual treatment sessions may be advised to get ahead of the damage. It is as appropriate on the face and neck as on the chest, hands, arms, and legs. It is also suited to all skin types, from those who are pale and whose skin always burns to individuals with dark skin that rarely, if ever, burns. 

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If Dr. Jehangir determines that this treatment may be right for you, the session itself is tolerated extremely well by most patients with little more than a topical/numbing anesthetic. There may be a lingering sensation of warmth, some itching, and slight swelling. The skin may also peel and be more sensitive to the sun. These effects are temporary and tend to subside quickly. It is a “must” to protect your skin from the sun, moisturize with gentle products, and follow any other after-care as your doctor advises.

Patients often enjoy dramatically improved skin in less than half the time of traditional resurfacing technologies – and within around one to four treatments. Initially, results are noticeable in three to five days, with gradual improvements occurring for up to six months afterward. 

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