Boost your bliss with a range of options to restore sexual health, intimacy

A healthy sex life and intimacy play an important role in your and your partner’s overall health and wellness. So, at Alchemy Wellness Medspa in Central Austin, Texas, we appreciate how devastating it can be to no longer enjoy your life to the fullest due to changes that can interfere with your sexual pleasure and intimate relationships. Fortunately, Dr. Saima Jehangir has prioritized services that are meant for the comfort and satisfaction that you get from sex and, in doing so, these offerings can also have a profound positive effect on your self-confidence and mental and emotional well-being, as well as the relationships with those individuals who are closest to you. 

Many of the following interventions address common changes that often accompany aging and childbirth, such as vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. While these problems can be a fact of life with time, you can control how they affect your life! All therapies and recommendations are made in the best interests of your one-of-a-kind needs and “self”:

  • Oxytocin (the “love drug”) – This hormone is associated with many functions that are vital to your sexual and intimate life, including social bonding, love, intimacy, bliss, and trust. Additionally, you can get a big intimate boost easily and noninvasively, as the compounded prescription is delivered sublingually or under the tongue.
  • Orgasm-Enhancing Shots – Just as “vampire” facials use your blood to safely and predictably enhance the quality of your skin, we may use a small amount of your “enriched” blood to heighten clitoral sensation. The blood is prepared to produce a regenerative, healing powerhouse — “platelet-rich plasma” – that is then applied directly to your intimate zones. 
  • Pelvic floor exercises – This is generally considered to be a “first line” therapy for many women who are experiencing everything from urinary incontinence to sexual dysfunction due to weak pelvic muscles. We can strengthen muscular function with targeted exercises. This prescription for pelvic floor strengthening may be combined with biofeedback, electrical stimulation, and other interventions as needed.

This is just a quick glimpse into the many ways that Dr. Jehangir has restored patients’ lives through renewed sexual health and intimacy. To learn more about your personalized options for treatment, call Alchemy Wellness Medspa in Austin, TX, today at (512) 960-3622.