Unleashing the power of laser energy to combat many signs of aging, health, and aesthetic concerns

Lasers have changed how we treat everything from saggy skin to unwanted hair. Led by a leading clinician and authority in health and wellness, Dr. Saima Jehangir, our team at Alchemy Wellness can treat these and an array of other conditions safely, comfortably, quickly, and precisely. Our innovative laser systems present an attractive and welcome alternative to invasive surgical procedures and earlier-generation techniques and technologies that were accompanied by higher risks of complications and required a far greater investment of time, money, and demands on the body for healing to achieve results. 

Shedding light on laser services in Austin, Texas

“Standard” lightbulbs produce scattered or diffuse light. The power of the laser resides in its ability to create an intense and focused beam of light. Laser therapies are incredibly versatile because the specific wavelength that is used and the settings on the laser system are tailored to address the unique needs of each patient. These settings also help to ensure comfort with features such as built-in cooling to prevent the tissue in the treatment site from becoming too hot and damaged. 

A variety of laser devices are on the market to combat the signs of aging. In part, we use a fractional laser to tighten and otherwise renew the skin on the face, neck, chest, hands, and other areas that can betray our age. Fractional systems generally yield great results with minimal risk by delivering therapeutic light energy to the target area in a fractionated or scanning pattern. This process renders microscopic pinpricks in the skin, which then triggers beneficial wound healing. Firming collagen is produced to heal the site. This collagen then “connects the dots” to seal the wounded area. The result is skin that appears tighter and is more resilient, thanks to the reintroduction of collagen. This approach may also be appropriate for patients with other surface imperfections and texture irregularities, such as scars caused by acne, injury, past surgical procedures, and other trauma.  

The benefits of lasers at our office in Austin, Texas, do not stop there. SculpSure® is a laser system that may be used to get rid of love handles, a “paunch,” saddlebags, and other exercise- and diet-resistant fat pockets once and for all. It is a non-surgical alternative to invasive liposuction and other body sculpting procedures. Additionally, we use the Vectus® laser as an attractive alternative to the painstaking and often painful electrolysis process for permanent hair reduction. As a true provider of broad-based, medical-grade wellness services, revolutionary lasers like the hybrid fractional Sciton diVa™ can restore intimacy and sexual health and combat distressing symptoms like stress incontinence with collagen remodeling to tighten and firm vaginal tissues. 

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