The “magic” of aesthetic solutions backed by extensive medical expertise 

At Alchemy Wellness Medspa, you benefit from the unique and considerable expertise of an innovative and accomplished holistic health and wellness leader, Dr. Saima Jehangir. Dr. Jehangir sets the tone for our office, which serves greater Central Texas from our Central Austin “home.” Due to our team’s expansive approach, we intimately understand the connections between aesthetics and one’s overall well-being. You can trust our advanced medical expertise to ensure procedures and recommendations to enhance your natural beauty are administered safely and get desirable, goal-smashing results. 

Restore your refreshed and healthy look!

Your skin plays many roles. It protects other tissues and organs from dangerous bacteria and infections. Sweat glands keep you from overheating when it’s hot outside or during vigorous exercise. The skin is even the primary source of beneficial vitamin D, produced when the sun’s energy interacts with a chemical in your skin. 

Your skin is also highly visible. Taking these features and functions into account, aesthetic spas with a strong medical foundation can make a big difference in your overall health. Holistic health considers how your body functions and how you feel generally, as well as your state of mind. It can be difficult to conceal the visible signs of aging on your skin, as well as the effects of other environmental stressors. These factors can significantly impact your confidence, self-image, and self-esteem.

As you age, the body’s production of firming collagen and springy elastin also falls off. This process results in lax, wrinkled skin and a loss of facial definition. Furthermore, these effects may be hastened by damage resulting from tanning and other unhealthy behaviors. Your skin may make you look far older than you actually are and less healthy and vibrant. While we can’t stop the clock, we can reset it. Options to better align your external appearance and your internal “self” include:

  • Facial contouring with the Tempsure® Envi system
  • Body contouring to banish stubborn fat with SculpSure®
  • Versatile light-based Sciton BBL® — say “bye-bye!” to brown spots and other imperfections 
  • Skin-rejuvenating Secret™ RF microneedling 
  • Botox® and other injectables to make crow’s feet, frown lines, and other expression lines disappear
  • Dermal fillers for a significant boost to sunken cheeks and other depressed areas
  • Chemical peels for perfectly tailored resurfacing 
  • Laser-assisted resurfacing 

The above technologies and techniques represent nonsurgical alternatives to more invasive, costly, time-consuming, risky facelift procedures and other cosmetic surgeries. Due to Dr. Jehangir’s considerable expertise in women’s health, she may also recommend natural/bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to get you feeling better. When you feel better about yourself, it shows! This is just a quick glimpse into all we offer at Alchemy Wellness Medspa. What we do here is not “magic,” but it may seem that way when you experience the dramatic results from our array of treatments and products. Call (512) 960-3622 to contact our team in Central Austin, TX.