VI Peels for our VIPs to lift away the effects of aging, sun damage, and more on the skin!

Imagine being able to lift or peel away the cumulative effects of aging and lifestyle and environmental stressors on your skin. There is no need to imagine anymore! This process is a reality at Alchemy Wellness Medspa in Austin, Texas. Led by a distinguished clinician and leader in health and wellness, Dr. Saima Jehangir our team provides medical-grade aesthetic treatments to maintain or restore the skin’s texture, radiance, tone, and overall appearance. 

VI Peels for our VIPs

Chemical peels are a standard feature of many spas’ service menus. However, at our med-spa, we offer the VI Peel as a preferred alternative to earlier-generation or standard peels available elsewhere. Brought to us by the Vitality Institute, this peel blends the efficacy and power of greater-depth peels with the ease, safety profile, and low-risk nature of surface or minimal peels. Think of it as a high-reward service without the risk! 

Additionally, the VI Peel may be complemented by laser therapy and other options available at Alchemy Wellness Medspa to accomplish in one treatment session what other therapies cannot achieve after several sessions. 

VI Peel may be appropriate for individuals with: 

  • Uneven skin tone and blotchiness
  • Hyperpigmentation 
  • Wrinkling 
  • Leathery, dry, thirsty skin
  • A lackluster or dull complexion 
  • Visible pores
  • Pimples and recurrent acne outbreaks
  • Great, youthful skin for those who want to keep it that way!

It is also a safe option across various skin types and may even be applied to the neck, hands, decolletage, and arms. Unlike other peels, no “preconditioning” of the skin is required. Treatment only requires around 20 minutes, as the unique solution is applied to buff away old, damaged skin cells. In doing so, we encourage the process of lifting the new, fresh skin cells to the surface. After-care is generally minimal and can be managed with a moisturizer. 

We will guide you through what to expect before, during, and after treatment, as well as potential complementary or alternative therapies available at Alchemy Wellness Medspa. Our office in Central Austin, TX, offers a wide range of options. So, schedule your appointment to reverse the effects of sun damage and aging and regain the skin that exudes confidence, health, and radiance. Call (512) 960-3622 today.