TempSure® Firm: When cellulite creams don’t live up to their claims, trust professional treatment that works!

At best, the creams didn’t make a noticeable difference in cellulite’s “orange peel” texture and appearance. At worst, these “miracle creams” may have caused adverse reactions, such as irritation, due to the presence of certain ingredients. Even efforts to lose weight and gain muscle may not make a visible difference because cellulite is not caused by weight gain or a sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, women of all shapes and sizes have these characteristic dimples. Alchemy Wellness in Austin, Texas, effectively treats cellulite at its source and with a gentle and fast in-office treatment.

TempSure® Firm by Cynosure

RF (Radiofrequency) energy is the “magic” behind this cellulite treatment that works. By using specialized handpieces to deliver RF energy to treatment sites on the abdomen, legs, and other areas, TempSure® Firm generates and applies controlled and therapeutic heat. This technology triggers a process of neocollagenesis, whereby new collagen is made. Collagen contributes to the skin’s tightness. By replenishing collagen in the areas that need it most, there is a plumping and resurfacing effect on the cellulite depressions, lumps, and bumps.

TempSure® is designed to heat sizable areas of the body evenly. This feature helps to minimize the risk of damage such as burns and also helps to ensure utmost comfort throughout the treatment process. TempSure® is also designed to support fast treatment. Alchemy Wellness’ Dr. Saima Jehangir, a globally recognized authority in wellness, can treat larger sites – such as the abdomen and legs – in as little as five minutes. You enjoy less time in the treatment chair and more time enjoying life and your rejuvenated, confident, cellulite-free appearance! Since it is a non-invasive treatment, there is nothing to recover from, and due to the built-in safety features, this predictable procedure is also “no downtime”! You really can get back to your busy schedule and active lifestyle without missing a beat.

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As with many aesthetic alternatives to surgery, TempSure® Firm generally requires a series of treatment sessions. The total number of treatments depends on factors such as the severity and nature of cellulite dimpling and how your body responds to treatment. We are happy to discuss these and other considerations with you at our Central Austin, TX office. Call one of our friendly team members at Alchemy Wellness at (512) 960-3622.