Innovative Platelet Rich Plasma therapy to restore your crowning glory

At Alchemy Wellness, Dr. Saima Jehangir appreciates the many parts contributing to your stunning, one-of-a-kind “self.” Along with her talented team in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jehangir is sensitive to the role that the quality of the hair plays in patients’ overall emotional and mental well-being. As such, she prioritizes transformative and innovative hair restoration treatments, such as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma.

Getting to the roots of the problem

It’s reported that around 67% of men will experience hair loss by their 35th birthday. And two out of every four men experience the effects of androgenetic alopecia (known as “male pattern baldness”) by their early 20s. Women, too, can experience the devastating effects of female pattern baldness and conditions like telogen effluvium. Depending on the cause of your receding, thinning, or patchy hair, Dr. Jehangir may recommend PRP to restore hair quality, and in doing so, she can also help restore your self-image and confidence.

The ABCs of PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma refers to:

  • Platelets – The components of blood that support coagulation, or the process of clot formation, as well as cell multiplication and healing.
  • Plasma – Accounts for more than half of the blood and represents the light-colored liquid part, mainly containing water with some trace proteins, minerals, and other substances.

Plasma enriched with platelets, in turn, can play an important and powerful role in treating a wide range of conditions, from regenerating diseased gums to dramatically improving the appearance of scars and signs of aging on the skin. When administered safely and precisely to the scalp, PRP triggers the process of hair restoration and regrowth by releasing the factors in the platelets that then “enlist” cells to repair damaged tissues and encourage new, thicker, healthier hairs.

What to expect

One of PRP’s benefits is its use of your own blood. So, it is considered to be a particularly safe procedure that minimizes or avoids the risks of adverse reactions or rejection of synthetic or other donor-derived substances and materials. A small amount of blood is drawn and spun rapidly in a centrifuge, and then Dr. Jehangir applies the concentrated, platelet-enriched cells gently and expertly. She uses small injections to administer the PRP in just the right amounts and just the right spots to stimulate hair growth.

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